Becoming the Woman in the Mirror

Every time I look in the mirror I receive a jolt. Who is this woman staring at me through eyes marked by a spray of smile lines, with hair the colour of antiqued pewter? It’s not the signs of age that shock me—it’s the overall effect. The woman in the mirror looks mature in all senses […]

Daring To Love Your Neighbour

I share a farm with five other families, a few singles, two cows and lots of chickens. Our farm balances on the crest of suburbia. As in, across the street from our muddy fields lie 600 cookie-cutter homes, almost all built within the past five years. Back in December, as an expression of neighbourly cheer […]

Stepping Out Of Smallness

In elementary school I was the second smallest kid in my class. The only person smaller was a pinched-face boy with the nickname “Mouse.” Even my identical twin had a 1-½ inch advantage on me from the day we were born. Our height discrepancy was the only way some knew how to tell us apart. […]

Going Forward By Standing Still

When I was five years old and all the world shone in a rosy glow of security and stability, my twin sister and I got lost at the zoo. Before that point I didn’t know I could get lost. We were tossing rocks into the moat surrounding Monkey Island when my mother announced it was […]

Getting Grounded

A new friend walked with me through our garden. She pointed at the white cloth draped over a row of growing carrots. “What’s that white cloth for?” she asked. “I don’t know,” I replied. She looked at the garlic bed and remarked on how many green shoots there seemed to be. “How many varieties are […]