The Red Couch: Third Quarter Books

We’re in the middle of our Second Quarter Books (see you next Wednesday May 27 for our discussion of The Secret Message of Jesus) but with summer around the corner, I cannot wait to tell you about what’s coming next. There’s something special about what we read in the summer. It might be a chance […]

The Red Couch: Just Mercy Introduction

I had jury duty for the first time about five years ago. Initially, I was irritated when the summons arrived in the mail. I was preparing to move out of state and the timing could not have been worse. But then I figured it was part of my patriotic duty to serve and crossed my […]

The Red Couch: Found Introduction

When I was a kid, not much prepared me for Easter. It was the major holiday after Christmas, of course. But there were so many other holidays first: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and, as someone who grew up in Chicagoland, Casimir Pulaski Day. My only indication Easter […]

The Red Couch: Second Quarter Books

We may not have finished reading our First Quarter Books yet but I want you to have plenty of time to get your hands on copies of our next batch of books. As we’ve discussed the last few selections, readers have wondered how we go about choosing the books we read together. I’ll tell you […]

The Red Couch: The Lemon Tree Introduction

How does one begin to talk about something as complex as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Where do you even begin? Do you take a side? Or do you start with a story and let the two sides speak for themselves? This is journalist Sandy Tolan’s approach in The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the […]