Reclaimed, Retrieved and Redeemed

“The enemy’s purpose on earth is to kill, steal and destroy. And often times it feels like he is succeeding, like we are fighting a losing battle. But then I remember, the war has already been won…” Often times I walk around Gressier, Haiti and cannot help but see and feel the pain and sadness […]

My God is a Limitless God

“God’s plans come to fruition when we slow down and stop letting our plans and fears get in the way of His voice directing and guiding us.” I took a deep breath, hoping that when I released the air in my lungs with it would come all of the stress, worry and anxiety I’d felt […]

When Home Looks Like Refuge

“As Francois’ head hit his pillow that night, I walked by his exhausted body and prayed over him. The miles his feet had walked; the things his eyes had seen; the hunger, fatigue and fear he must have felt.” A few days ago there was a knock on the gate of our house here in Gressier, […]

He is Enough

“The four girls living in this safe house have come from sleeping outside, on floors and on iron doors. They have been beaten, raped and abused. But God has already begun to heal. He is teaching all of us that He is enough.”  I followed her up the path past a Voodoo temple, past tents, […]

Finding Freedom in Haiti

“… slavery to society, slavery to this world and slavery even to ourselves is not the identity of freedom Christ has given us.” Less than three years ago, my life looked great. I would wake up every weekday at 6:30am, shower and dress for the day, then drive to my amazing job as a marketer and event […]