A Legacy of Striving

You opened your new eyes in the garden that God Himself had planted. Born a woman, you bypassed childhood, and came into yourself with a rush of speech, a flood of images, and a seamless, three-way companionship: you, Adam, and Elohim. Was Eden’s bird song the first sound in your perfect ears? Or was it […]

Sometimes, Instead of Bread, I Ask God for Stones

I have a battered notebook that has been with me for so long that four of its pages date back to the birth of each of my sons. It is in this notebook that I write down the requests–big and small—and bring to God. Should our family take the adventure of a cross-country trip in […]

How Far Can You Run from a Label?

His drawing of a strawberry was lopsided, the printing was primitive, but the proud smile on my little guy’s face was as genuine as the ring of strawberry jam that circled his mouth. He’d made the jam and then had labored over the personalized labels that made each jar an announcement of his creative mastery. […]

I Become the Woman Whose Hair is on Fire

“You don’t need to fast,” she said. “Your prayers are enough.” But I did need to fast, because her situation sounded really bleak, and God was talking to my heart about it. Bev was traveling alone in Uganda when she injured her knee hurrying across a busy street. Swollen to nearly twice its size, the […]

Sisterhood is Eternal

Unbelieving, I held the phone to my ear. Joanne? Sick? We always talked by phone every few weeks, but wait … how long had it been this time? And now a call from her husband with tears in his voice. I could feel the conversation moving in a direction that I could not absorb. Hospital. Organ failure. Death. The […]