Slow is the Name of the Game

There are still boxes that are unpacked, albeit neatly hidden away either in a room at the back of the house or in areas not in daily use. This leaves me with a lingering sense that there is unfinished business that needs my attention. And yet, I either cannot get to the unpacking or I […]

The True Work of God?

I am deep in the fog of motherhood. I am also deep in a space of grief. That is hard for me to say because I have desperately wanted to become a mother. Through nine years of infertility, I waited for my baby. And now she’s here, and I am completely in love with her. […]

The Love of a Mother

I have read the story of how Moses’ mother hid him in a basket and placed it in the river among the reeds on numerous occasions. For those who wear the lenses of liberation, this is the beginning of the story of the human partner in Israel’s liberation from Egypt. For those who wear the lenses […]

Created in the Image of a Dangerous God

I walked into my lecturer’s classroom because I desperately needed to speak to him. I was rattled. Badly. Why? When I began my theological studies, I believed I knew and understood God. God felt predictable. As long as I followed the formula of fervent prayer and childlike faith, this God would respond “appropriately.” And yet, […]

The Journey to Belong

I scrolled through the photos of the gathering on Facebook. Smiling faces. Arms thrown around each other’s shoulders. It was my high school 20th reunion. Everyone looked so happy, as if they were having the time of their lives. And I wasn’t there. Emotional memories flooded in. Back then, I always felt just on the outside of friendship […]