Rested, Restored, Forgiven

I thought I needed a rest. My husband was working on his PhD in Comparative International Development Education and we went back to spend a year in the United States. An entire year. Roughly the grand total of our other visits over the last ten years. They were ten beautiful, inspiring, wrenching, breaking years. Years […]

A Dare To Stop Looking

In Somaliland I took a picture of my neighbour and printed it for her. The old woman gripped the photo with two hands and her face broke into an exuberant, nearly toothless smile. “I’m old! I’m old!” she shouted. She was grandmother and nomadic shepherdess old, leathered by sun and wind and a physically challenging life. This […]

Finding Their Strong

In 2008 I helped start a girls running club in Djibouti, Girls Run 2. Running, especially for females, is countercultural and the team provides the community the support they need as they chase down their dreams. We train athletes and come alongside families to ensure their daughters stay in school. Last summer the team, Girls […]

Saudade, a Song for the Modern Soul

“I grew up with a paradoxical sense of belonging to many and to none at the same time. It is an interesting type of “belonging,”… resulting in a subtle sense of saudade flavoring my life’s journey.” -Karen Noiva I struggled with the word “belong” this month. I don’t believe in writer’s block but I do believe that […]

I Want More Than Comfort For You

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could hope for you that all your days be merry and your nights be bright and your path be smooth and the sun shine gently on your face? I’m sorry. I don’t hope those things for you. I’ve seen a bit too much of life and the world. I want so […]