A Radical Act of Faith

I could spend my life telling the hopeful stories of radicals, just the normal people like me, the pew-fodder, sitting right beside you and in the megachurch, the living rooms and the back alleys, the refugee camps and kitchen tables, and I would still run out of time because there are so many of what […]

Joy in Enough

“This moment was a bit of a dream come true for us, the lazy nights with her in her sweats and me in my work clothes, slowly peeling Christmas oranges by the fire.” At this time of year, with all the rushing around and the Pinterest crafts and the opportunities to give, I have revisited […]

In Which I Wrote A Book About Us

Three years ago, I couldn’t have dreamed the way my life would change because of one South African lioness living in Surrey. The first time I met Idelette, I felt like I had come home. You know these moments? The ones where you meet someone and feel like you recognize each other? It was that […]

Reclaiming Feminist

The first time I said it out loud, it took courage. It felt weird, a bit risky and daring. I was trying the word on, like a little girl trying on her mother’s shoes, to see if it fit me: feminist. And it did fit; it grew to fit beautifully, and so I turned this […]

This is for the Day

This is for when the day has been a bit long and your patience has been a bit short. When you find yourself saying things like Don’t Make Me Come Down There and Stop Touching Each Other and Because I Said So, That’s Why. It’s for when you forgot to eat breakfast and so you ate the crusts of peanut […]