Stay Safe Out There

Two days after the 2016 US Presidential Election I was taking my tender heart and two blonde neighborhood children for a walk. We passed an older black gentleman and said, “Good morning.” A few minutes later we met up again. “Well, hello again,” I said. He smiled his hello and walked next to us down […]

Where Grief and Optimism Meet

The very first poem I ever wrote was about death. I was in grade two. It was the year my best friend’s dad spent dying of cancer in a hospital bed in their living room. It would be several more years before I showed the words to anyone else. If you know me at all […]

To Jasmeet, With Love

Like most children, my first friends were sort of chosen for me—little blonde girls at church whose parents were friends with my parents. But I remember my very first friend who I chose for myself in grade two. Jasmeet joined my class a couple months after school started. I swear she had a smile you […]

Living Out my Awakening Everywhere I Go

Today the six-year-old told her sister to feel her armpit. She was sweaty and wanted to prove it. I told her, “Chickadee, you do not get to force other people to touch your body. That is not ok. And, also, nobody on earth wants to feel your armpits.” She defiantly announced, “She did want to! She […]

We Need to Talk About Race, I’ll Go First

I want to say everything and nothing, all at once. My country feels dangerous right now. And because I am white I did not notice the danger until 22 years into my privileged life. At 22, I was living in a primarily black neighborhood in New Orleans. My black nephew was two years old. I […]