When Fighting for the Good Cause Can Hurt You

Last month I was in Budapest for an anti-human trafficking conference, the first time I had been to one in almost three years. I was there to speak, and I was incredibly nervous. For a lot of people this is normal, but I don’t get nervous about speaking, or at least I never used to. […]

Church: A Taste of Suspended Space

We recently held a funeral for our church. A celebration of life, I should say. In true church fashion, we set tables and lit candles and filled our plates with food and our cups with wine. We had an open mic that was meant to be one hour, but turned into three. We hugged and […]

When Women Bond

A recent ‘This American Life” episode featured a story about two grown men attempting to become friends. It was funny and slightly awkward, and made me reflect on developing friendships as an adult. It can be so much harder to reach a deep connection with new adult friends, especially when you move to a new […]

To My Friends Who Have Been Disappointed

I know we can all feel it sometimes. That big, missing, piece. The job we have been waiting for but still haven’t gotten. The education we wanted, but never had the money to do. The relationship we dreamed of, but just doesn’t seem to come along. The way we hoped our family would look, but […]

We Are Here, Beautiful

Not long ago, I attended the funeral of a stranger. Several women and I gathered at the train station on a Friday evening and travelled to another city to attend together. We went because a friend-of-a-friend’s husband had a stroke suddenly while in the Netherlands and had been in a coma. They took him off […]