The God of Joy and Grief

It has been almost ten years since we stood at the altar of an old Baptist church, June sun shooting through the glass stained blue and green, downtown traffic buzzing outside of the thick, wooden doors. We lifted our voices while we squeezed our hands and felt the words to How Great Thou Art sink into […]

Does It Matter?

I have a friend who creates with fabrics and colors. An empty living room is her canvas of choice. She comes alive in the process of designing a room of beauty. Another friend uses spices and herbs, quality meats and farmer’s market vegetables to concoct rich and complex meals. She is most deeply rooted, both […]

One Big Circle

I knew as it was unfolding that I was living a memory that would sear. I knew it as we grabbed hands and the old man pitched the first note that these moments would settle into some safe corner. I looked to the left and saw the short, sassy hair of my dad’s only sister […]

A Time Such As This

Often my whispered prayers come out like the questions my four-year-old asks in the long summer afternoon: What now? What next? And I can barely make space for a Voice to answer, because I am being folded deep into what is. Pursuit and desire for the next step, for the knowing where and how to move […]

The Rhythm of Grace

The first twenty times he screamed, “No, mine!” this morning, I could breathe my way through the frustration. I could bend low and meet eyes. I could talk soft and reason well. I could squelch the toddler tantrum with understanding cooler than water. I could walk through the steps learned from my dusty parenting book; […]