Rest: Surely There’s an App for That?

“I imagine a little window decorated with pink sequins, a rainbow and a unicorn, magically opening in front of me, announcing, ‘You’re running out of energy. Please stop!’” By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden The desktop of my computer is cluttered with the digital equivalent of wadded sheets of paper. A dozen abandoned starts. A […]

Wellness Wednesday: Loving Myself and All My Imperfections

“Suddenly, I was falling in love with me, seeing myself clearly without all the trappings and exterior appearances.”  By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden  Recently, I saw a blog post on whether or not God wants us to love ourselves. The author was pretty adamant to the contrary. She criticizes the popular notion that “you can’t love anyone else […]

Wellness Wednesday: The One Decision I Regret Most

“I wanted to forget that I’d ever felt that momentary joy preceding the horrifying loss of my one and only pregnancy.” By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden  When I went to church this past Sunday, I grew a little tense. It was Mother’s Day and I usually avoid any public observances that include motherhood. It’s not that I […]

My #firstworldproblems …

And What Love Can Do By Tara Teng | Twitter: @misstarateng _______________________________________________________ Twitter hashtags are funny. I recently discovered a new one that can bring hours of entertainment … #firstworldproblems. Go look it up. Seriously. Here’s some from last night: “i find a real challenge in trying to eat my blizzard while im driving #firstworldproblems“ “i […]