A Car Crash, A New Road

It happened in the middle of winter during my senior year of high school. I offered to drive that evening, which was out of the ordinary. My friend usually took us everywhere, but my mom offered me the car and I wanted to be the chauffeur for once. She called out for me to be […]

The Whisper of God

For most of my writing career, I’ve been a novelist. I steered clear from a personal blog for several years because I wanted to avoid exposure. Then, I moved to Chile and a blog was one of the ways I could stay in touch. I wrote honest things, but they were nice things. Things most […]

Pausing to Honor

So there I was in an overwhelming stupor of depression, living in a new country, brokenhearted. A couple of times I was so out of it, I left my house in the middle of the night and walked the streets of my town, tears streaming down my face, rage erupting out of my heart. My […]

When the Floor Falls Out

For six years of my childhood, I lived in a doublewide mobile home on ten acres. My dad was a horse trainer and he ran training stables about forty minutes outside Seattle. I spent my days running through the fields, playing in the creek, and riding horses. During a particular season of those six years, […]

The Irony of BarbieSavior

A few months ago, I came across BarbieSavior on Instagram. It’s an ironic take on a young white woman who goes to Africa and wants to save the world. It’s mortifying. When I discovered BarbieSavior I instantly thought, She’s just like me when I was that age. When I was twenty, I wanted to save the […]