Tania Fiolleau: Once a Brothel Madam

Tania Fiolleau’s Story of Survival and Redemption ” … I slipped back into prostitution. I started pimping girls and I had some penthouses going. I was selling girls to rappers, movie stars, NFL and NHL athletes, Supreme Court judges–you name it, I was the one to go to.” Part 1 of a 2-part interview Activist against […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or: How to Celebrate Chinese New Year Outside of China

As a Chinese child growing up in Canada, every year, I experienced something like a second Christmas. After the warm festivities, feasting, and gift-receiving of Christmas time, after the excitement and countdown to New Year and several weeks after the tinsel and lights have faded–the mood would build up again. Soon, I would receive more […]

A Mixed-Culture Girl Goes “Home” This Christmas

“Seeing our families this Christmas involves crossing one ocean and two borders. It involves exchanging currency, bottling toiletries in travel-size vials, applying for a visa and buying gifts from Duty Free.” A meal with noodles, meat, veggies and a drink costs less than CDN$3. Fresh fish costs about the same price, and you can choose […]

Losing my Job, But Finding God’s Goodness

“Just when I think my tank is running low and I have no more joy to run on, God gives me reason to smile.” This summer, I left my stable desk job to pursue my dreams. Well, actually, I didn’t leave voluntarily. I think God pushed me out of my dry and boring but accustomed […]

The Inspiration of Young Leaders

“I think the secret of leadership is to believe in and enjoy the people you lead.” What do you think? Please write me your leadership tips & advice below! “My name is Sarah and my favourite superhero is Batman.” She spoke steadily into the camera, then glanced sideways at me for affirmation. I was at the […]