Who is this King of Glory?

by Hannah Kallio When I read the Bible, I look for questions more than answers. I’m fascinated by how Jesus often answers questions with another question, not to be evasive, but to show respect for the intellect of his questioners and take the conversation deeper. There’s one question in the Bible that keeps drawing me […]

What Do I Even Believe Anymore?

It feels like a ribbed seam along the neckline, this awareness. The thoughts, they come among my everyday movements and they rub, this way and that. Sometimes they tug and distract, other times, they just chafe. And other days, I’m numb, not unlike skin that has felt too much for too long. But always, like […]

What Is This Season For?

One of my daughter’s first words is “moon.” She points it out in her storybooks and is really excited if she spots it in the sky. I love that she notices. I love that, because of her, I get to watch the waxing and waning of that beautiful silver globe through the month, see it begin […]

Well, Why Not?

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a Season of “Why?” It’s not just a question my three-year-old asks me on an hourly basis, but it’s a weight I carry in my shoulders and back, a burden that pulses straight down to my bones. A text comes in, and then an email. A news headline […]

What Does the Lord Require of You?

My theological studies brought a question into my life that has subsequently guided my footsteps, influencing and shaping my decisions around vocation and living, in general, for the last seven years. It is a question found in two passages in the Old Testament, once in Deuteronomy and once in Micah.  This question, on both occasions, […]