What is Jesus Up To?

By Charlotte Donlon | Twitter: @charlottedonlon Because of my current mania, I’m seeing my therapist weekly. Julie is helping me learn how to sort through fact and fiction. She is teaching me how to use cognitive behavioral therapy to combat my racing irrational thoughts. With her guidance and direction, I’m managing my daily life and responsibilities […]

What Is The Real Deadline Here?

Ever since I was 18 years old, the questions taught to me by a woman named Karen have been changing my life. Life-changing might sound overly dramatic, but I am serious. One of the first questions Karen ever asked me was if I wanted to stay at her house. Indefinitely. And I know if she […]

What Will Happen If I Don’t At Least Try?

When I was younger and facing all the big ticket decisions—like do I want to have children?—there were some questions that always helped me. How will I feel if I wait too long for things to be perfect, and it’s too late? Is this something I want to have done by the end of my life? […]

What Does Solidarity Look Like?

In the light of the present refugee crisis the word “solidarity” is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Solidarity is a word with a nice ring to it. It brings up images of resistance movements on behalf of the poor and innocent. It makes for a good slogan—a nice word painted in red on a white […]

Why Not Me?

I was a nervous child. Meeting me today, you would never guess this. I was afraid of so much in the world. High on the list: hell, learning to drive, public speaking, anyone shouting or yelling, being picked last. I spent a lot of my time in my imagination, telling a story of who I […]