Glance with Compassion and Honor, Not Contempt

2019. Tension brewed like a bubbling witch’s cauldron on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. A handful of Black Hebrew Israelites yelled at a bunch of high school students who meandered over after participating in the March for Life earlier that day. The students took the bait, responding to taunts with words and gestures of […]

I Stand With the Girls #voiceswiththegirls

[Trigger warning: Mention of human trafficking and sexual violence.] I want to stand with the girls. October 11 is International Day of the Girl. We have joined International Justice Mission, Canada this year to raise awareness around the stories and challenges of women and girls around the world and we ask you, our readers, to […]

TGIF: How I Made Peace with my Breasts in a Brothel

[TRIGGER WARNING] Sexual content. I. PREQUEL I’ve never understood the mass appeal of breasts. (Yes, mass appeal. I couldn’t resist.) My boobs first became problematic in 1992. They weren’t meaty enough to warrant a bra. And yet, there was enough there to make my chest look lumpy under a t-shirt. This is when my back permanently assumed […]

Learning to Feel Sorrow

By Christina Bacino I’ve spent five of the last six years of my life doing counter-human trafficking work in Cape Town, South Africa. I was involved in everything from online investigation via pornographic material, to raiding brothels with law enforcement to the repatriation of victims. It was an honor and a privilege to be a […]

How to NOT Sweep in and Save the Day

By Laura Parker | Twitter @mrslauraparker The First Time. I watched him disappear around the corner on his scooter, but the pit in my stomach stayed. I knew the question he was going to ask, and it was the potential answer that made me most nervous. My youth-pastor-turned-humanitarian-husband Matt was on his way to the […]