A Freedom Song For 68 Sisters

Laura Shook is a friend who walks the long road to hope with me. As pastor at Community of Faith church in Houston, she is a primary partner to our work at Communities of Hope. On one side of the ocean she energizes her Texan community, while on the other we equip our Batwa community. […]

Freedom Rings

“I was just looking at those trees today, reminding myself of the creative power of life. It grows and multiplies—that’s just what it does.” I walked a Freedom Relay 5km in Edmonton last month. It was amazing for a variety of reasons: community (we can’t do this justice thing alone), beauty (one seriously beautiful day […]


Heartache is painting little lines across my face. I know I am young, but they are appearing anyway, like the mascara streaks my tears have left on my cheeks. At some point I have stopped with the mascara. I can’t be bothered to wash my sweatpants either, because they take too long to dry in […]

Battling the Darkness

“And God saw that light was good and separated light from dark. God named the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.” I battle darkness regularly. You may read that sentence with an awareness of my job and nod your head. Naturally, prostitution and human trafficking are dark. But I’m not just talking about […]

HOME in Amsterdam

“These days I put on my orange HOME jacket proudly. I walk knowing I am bringing a small taste of something good.” It was a rainy day in July when I stepped off the train at small station in a suburb of Amsterdam. I lugged everything I owned down two flights of stairs and stepped out […]