When Sisterhood Is A Mighty Wave

By Trudy Smith Summer, 2014: monsoon season in India. The autorickshaw speeds through snarls of traffic and past lush green parks as I look out at the gathering storm. The crowd of women and children converges under skies as dark and swollen as a bruise. I step out of the auto and join them moments […]

The Gospel According to Nine Inch Nails

I was alone in my parents’ house when Nine Inch Nails helped change my life. It was a few months after college graduation. I was listening to music while I packed everything—after just unpacking. Not long before, my mom had told me I had two weeks to get out. It was just me, a bass […]

Christian Compassion or Complicity: The Abuse and Gendercide of God’s Daughters

By Dr. Mimi Haddad | @Mimi_CBE EDITOR’S NOTE: Today we welcome Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE). Mimi’s words are timely, as she brings the discussion of abuse into a global and historical context. CBE’s annual conference is July 24-26 in Los Angeles, and it’s going to be a great time of […]

When the Internet Explodes With Abuse, How Do We Respond?

[TRIGGER WARNING] I wish this were a discussion we didn’t need to have. Last week, the Internet blew up with news about the Duggar family. There was also news about a church harboring a pedophile, and well, any number of ongoing cases involving faith, family, church leaders, abuse, and especially, sexual assault. I grieve that […]

God Called Her Human

At some point, on creation day six, God concocted an unfinished community. We know this because God announced plans to make a human who would be part of a larger unit. It’s odd, really, the way it came together. God announced the creation of one human in the same breath as explaining the purpose of all […]