The Gospel According to Nine Inch Nails

I was alone in my parents’ house when Nine Inch Nails helped change my life. It was a few months after college graduation. I was listening to music while I packed everything—after just unpacking. Not long before, my mom had told me I had two weeks to get out. It was just me, a bass […]

Christian Compassion or Complicity: The Abuse and Gendercide of God’s Daughters

By Dr. Mimi Haddad | @Mimi_CBE EDITOR’S NOTE: Today we welcome Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE). Mimi’s words are timely, as she brings the discussion of abuse into a global and historical context. CBE’s annual conference is July 24-26 in Los Angeles, and it’s going to be a great time of […]

When the Internet Explodes With Abuse, How Do We Respond?

[TRIGGER WARNING] I wish this were a discussion we didn’t need to have. Last week, the Internet blew up with news about the Duggar family. There was also news about a church harboring a pedophile, and well, any number of ongoing cases involving faith, family, church leaders, abuse, and especially, sexual assault. I grieve that […]

God Called Her Human

At some point, on creation day six, God concocted an unfinished community. We know this because God announced plans to make a human who would be part of a larger unit. It’s odd, really, the way it came together. God announced the creation of one human in the same breath as explaining the purpose of all […]

Women Who Rise

She’s the woman I think of when I think dangerous. With her cement church she literally built from the ground up, in a small village she never wanted to return to. The village where the scent of vodka floats on the air, and peppers grow as long as your arm. Where those who were meant […]