Women Who Rise

She’s the woman I think of when I think dangerous. With her cement church she literally built from the ground up, in a small village she never wanted to return to. The village where the scent of vodka floats on the air, and peppers grow as long as your arm. Where those who were meant […]

Storyteller, Question-Weaver

The idea of asking my sister the question fills me with ice. Katie’s voice is cheerful, unaware of my distress. Her phone crackles a bit in my ear as she tells me about the trip she and her family are planning to the Dominican Republic. She’s ready to escape the Detroit winter. “I’m gonna go […]

How a Woman Learns to Talk

My mother was born with a little string of flesh that tied her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. Until age four she made only small, strangled sounds. Her people thought she couldn’t make words because she wasn’t smart enough. In their words, Retarded. When she came inside from the barn with red paint […]

Reach Out, Get Help, Be Safe

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal and physical abuse & destruction of property] One in 7 men are victims of domestic abuse and violence. Today one man bravely tells his story. Amy: Most people don’t realize that a man can suffer domestic violence at the hands of a female partner. Sadly, you have suffered this painful experience. […]

When Love Hurts: Reflections from the Other Side

[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of emotional abuse + suicidal thoughts] By M. “You can commit yourself, or I will have you committed,” Robert, my therapist, said to me. I’d been in therapy for about a year. The small paneled office had been a lifeline for me over the previous several months, but today it felt like […]