Chasing the Light

by Melody Hanson | @melodyhhanson I’m celebrating that I’ve been sober for five years. Sometimes I describe my sobriety as chasing the light because more often than I like to admit, I’m heavy with an awareness of the wreckage in my dark heart. Usually the weight of addiction drapes over me like the thick, humid air of […]

A Woman Who Loves: Nicola Bartel

“Offer the gift of who you are and see what God does with it.”                    At SheLoves Magazine, we LOVE introducing you to “SheLovelys” all over the world. This month I am thrilled to feature Nicola Bartel, the Executive Director for Mercy Ministries of Canada. Nicola and I shared […]

To Build Anew

By: Catherine Sylvester | Twitter @MamaSylvester Twelve years ago, I put away the beer bottles, wine glasses, and hidden vodka. Nine years ago, the cigarette packets departed my life. Today, I stare down the barrel of sugar addiction, food addiction, and choose not to pull the trigger. I choose to place the gun in the […]

Enough is Enough

“One morning I woke up and I had it. I told him I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Enough was enough.” By Ally Vesterfelt | Twitter: @allyvest My college boyfriend had a drinking problem. At the time, I wasn’t willing to admit it, partly because I loved him the only way I knew how […]

Jesus Never Gave Up On Me

“As His follower, it is no longer about what I deserve or what is fair. It is how much of God’s love I can absorb and reflect.” By Abby Kelly | Twitter:@benjity The prince was the end of Cinderella’s loneliness and despair. Prince Charming introduced Snow White to happily ever after.  I can’t think of […]