We Won’t Thrive Alone

I always remember an Easter message I shared at The Refuge years ago. We had been talking about the Friday-Saturday-Sunday movement of Holy Week, and how these movements are similar to the rhythms of life. We experience death (Friday), lament & grief & reality (Saturday), and new hope (Sunday) over and over again in our […]

Because Sometimes We Forget

I always remember a conversation I had with a dear friend a few years ago, when he asked me if he was really a perpetual f-up. It wasn’t a flippant question, but came from a really sincere place of wondering if that was how he was perceived. That message has been a distinguishing part of […]

Everybody Needs an Advocate

[ DOWN WE GO] The other day I was in court watching my husband, a pro bono lawyer at a Christian legal aid clinic, during a hearing. He’s been practicing for seven years, but it was the first time I saw him in action. He was representing a mom from The Refuge, the faith community […]

Down We Go: We Belong

“In fact, it seems like so many of us—when we are really honest—struggle with belonging.” Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a lot of friends. If you were looking at me from the outside, you would say that I was a secure, confident person who didn’t have any trouble fitting in, […]

Down We Go: A Dangerous Way to Live

Many of us are afraid to hope. It feels dangerous. We have seen too many of our dreams dashed. Jobs lost. Relationships crumbled. Addictions have tried to destroy us and people we love dearly. Illnesses have robbed. Church experiences have hurt. Some of our adventures didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. God hasn’t […]