Shades of Gray in the Red Lights

“How do I stand up for those consumed with gray when all around us is dressed in black and white?” By Katy Randall | Twitter: @KatyBeStill Even though I grew up in a wonderful church with loving people, seeing life in black and white was pretty natural for me. You were either good or bad, […]

She’s Got the Brokedowns

By Sherry Naron | @RescuePink “I made up my mind that day to trust, even though I didn’t have all the answers. I changed my Facebook job to say: Rescuer of Baby Girls in India.” It’s January 2007, and I am in a bare concrete building in India, holding a 3-week-old baby girl. Her name […]

A Woman Who Loves: Viola Lutara

“Although we live in different parts of the world, we all belong to the same God and the challenges that you face are the same ones that we face. It is only the definition that varies.” We are honored to introduce Viola Lutara to you today, a SheLovely after our own heart. As the Director […]

Standing Under My Tree: On Faith, Flip-Flops and Dreams Come True

Rachel Parsons, director of Cherish Uganda, stood under a tall tree in the red earth of Entebbe with her black skirt, white twin set, chignon and flip-flops. I recognize that stance, I thought. It had nothing to do with legs, feet or hips. It was a heart stance. They way she stood in her story […]

A Woman Who Loves: Nicola Bartel

“Offer the gift of who you are and see what God does with it.”                    At SheLoves Magazine, we LOVE introducing you to “SheLovelys” all over the world. This month I am thrilled to feature Nicola Bartel, the Executive Director for Mercy Ministries of Canada. Nicola and I shared […]