The Sacred Invitation of Impairment

By Kelley J. Leigh | Twitter: @KelleyJLeigh I. Barriers I am hearing impaired. Much as I’d like to pretend otherwise, I can’t hear without the assistance of hearing aids and lip reading. I need to sit close to faces to see words as they form on lips and teeth. I rely on external amplification to […]

Put Your Shoes On, We’re Going Out

Growing up, I was the kid who hated group projects. I wasn’t a fan of team sports. I had no interest in running for student government. I was sure that conferences were the eighth circle of Hell. I really liked reading. I studied hard to get good grades, practiced the flute religiously and was a […]

Upcoming Conferences & Events

 { for women with hearts + brains + hands + feet }  We want to mobilize and empower women to transform our world. Therefore, every month SheLoves magazine will update our list of upcoming conferences and events for women around the globe. If you have an event or conference you think we should add, please […]