On the Shore of the Great River

Born into privilege, Pharaoh’s daughter was nursed on narratives of Egyptian greatness. She grew up among the elite, watching them parade through the palace with their curried favor and entourage of servants. She never lifted a finger and never knew any different. Life was good alongside the Great Nile River, which seemed to wind and […]

Seahawks and the State of Affairs

It was Friday afternoon, and I wanted nothing more than to faceplant on my couch after work. But my completely crazed enthusiastic, ever-luvin’ Seahawks fan of a friend Christine had, shall we say, “other plans.” Consequently, instead of my Friday afternoon survival victory nap, I found myself sitting in her CRV as we headed to […]

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the ultimate city on a hill, intended to shine bright for the world to see. Her countenance radiates like a beacon, her strobes of light guiding the nations as they parade in and pray together. She’s the place of the Great Gathering–all tongues, all tribes, all nations. Everyone gathers in Jerusalem, the new […]

When the Church Said Yes

By Nicola Hulks | Twitter: @nicolahwriter Eighteen months ago, in the early days of my training for ordained ministry in the Church of England, I was here writing about one of the most ground-shaking episodes of my very new life as a Minister. After the Church of England’s Synod voted against having female Bishops I found […]

When There’s a School Shooting in Your Backyard

Seattle Pacific University is where my parents met. It’s where my brother spent his academic career, and where I was poised to go until the moment I realized their music department wasn’t a good fit. My friend Christine is a week away from calling the school her alma mater. It’s a campus I’m well acquainted with, […]