I Want to be a Woman Who Sings

  There are two women in the story—two of them in the same boat. And such a strange and wonderful boat it was. One was young, very young. The other was older, maybe ten or even twenty years older. They were cousins the story tells us, distant cousins. Both of them were pregnant—unexpectedly, miraculously, stunningly pregnant. […]

Where Are You Hiding?

The memory is clear: six years ago, I was sitting behind the wheel of my car at an intersection close to my home, waiting for the light to turn green. I was singing along to a song on the radio: “… when you feel like you’re done And the darkness has won Babe, you’re not […]

Clunky Me

By Olivia Ryan |@Oliviaishere2 I’ve never been the one with shiny hair, skinny hips, or gorgeous makeup. I’ve always been slightly off and a little behind. I don’t get the cool kids and I don’t have a “style.” I’m “kinda” good at lots of things. For example, I danced, but was never the most graceful. […]

Learning to Expect Help

By Colleen Mitchell | @colleenmitch I will lift up my eyes to the hills—from whence comes my help? —Psalm 121:1 (NKJV) Last week, one of the moms we were caring for in our maternity center was released after a very long stay in the hospital following a difficult birth. She had been transferred to a private hospital […]

Ten Years and a T-Shirt

The other evening I pulled on an old T-shirt from a punk band I saw when I was a teenager. The sleeves are cut off and it is something I would never leave the house in now, but still, it’s a physical reminder of a time ten years ago, when I went to a concert, […]