The Grace of Letting Others In

The other day, I had the most wonderful time in my vegetable garden. I was working with a lovely young woman I’ve spent time with over the years, gardening, mentoring a little, and listening. We got so much done, and the garden is in wonderful shape now. Those moments of connection would never have happened without […]

The Gift of Silliness

There’s a little game my Mom played with us when we were kids. She’d sit us on her knees, and tell us to “hold on to the reins” as she took our hands and started to sing: This is the way the ladies ride, trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot. She’d bounce us carefully on her knees as […]

Taking the Next Step to Changing the World

I’m an envisioner. I can envision outcomes easily, and once something has got into my imagination, it feels like it’s three-fourths of the way to being done. Only it doesn’t always work that way. And I’m always surprised when it doesn’t. In earlier years, when I was mummying (mommying for the Americans) up close and personal, […]

The Fabric Holds

This life we live is a woven thing. Weaving in and out of each of our stories are some glorious threads that glisten and shine; and then there are those others, the darker ones that cannot reflect light at all. Sometimes, the tension between the two can feel chaotic, without design or beauty. We can […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last Saturday, Florence Marigold Evanow went to be with Jesus. She was so close to our hearts. Dear Lovelys, would you join us in praying for Michaela and her family? Florence’s Celebration of Life is tomorrow. If you would like to make a donation to her Memorial Fund, you can do so here.  The […]