On Faith and Fertility: My Very Own Christmas Miracle

“I was so glad the day I found pregnancy tests could be purchased in bulk online, since store-bought ones were costing a fortune. I literally ordered a hundred at a time. I think I felt that if I took enough tests, I could somehow stop my period from coming.” [From our Archives] Every Christmas I […]

How I Survived Believing I Killed My Daughter

“As I began to allow God to heal my heart with His labels, I began to see beauty in Kylie’s death.” By Erica McNeal | Twitter: @toddanderica  If years ago, God had revealed to me the trials I would face in my life, my head probably would have spontaneously combusted from information overload. By the […]

Wellness Wednesday: The One Decision I Regret Most

“I wanted to forget that I’d ever felt that momentary joy preceding the horrifying loss of my one and only pregnancy.” By Tara Rodden Robinson |Twitter: @tararodden  When I went to church this past Sunday, I grew a little tense. It was Mother’s Day and I usually avoid any public observances that include motherhood. It’s not that I […]

My Christmas Miracle: On Friendship, Faith and Fertility

By Daniela Schwartz | Twitter: @dannyschwartz Every Christmas I believe for a miracle. Sometimes it’s silly like the year we got an espresso machine. The miracle was the guy working at Starbucks offering me his staff discount, because we could not have afforded it otherwise. It has brought years of joy. Another year it was […]