Confession: I am Lonely

By Kendall Vanderslice | Twitter: @kvslice I like to keep myself busy. I don’t know if I do it to mask my loneliness, or prove how not lonely I am. For several years I’ve held on to a damaging lie: If I could find my contentedness in Christ alone, the loneliness will disappear. I squelched […]

Sometimes Love Tastes Like Red Beans and Rice

One of my favorite weekly traditions since we moved to L.A. is Couple’s Dinner. When we meet a couple we like, we invite them over for dinner one weeknight to get to know the fam, have a good meal, and share our stories. I plan the menu and T.C. makes sure to be home with […]

Feast or Famine

I generally eat too much when I am celebrating. I don’t think I am the only one. My very favorite moment from the sitcom Friends is when Joey steals Pheobe’s maternity pants and declares them his Thanksgiving pants. That is a way of celebrating I understand. I mean, over-eating at holiday meals is as American […]

A Psalm of Hunger

“Man does not live by bread alone.” —Luke 4:4 A few years ago my friend Christine Sine hosted a challenge during the Lent season to live on $2 a day for food because that’s more than a lot of people live on every day. The day I read about the challenge, I realized that the […]

What Chaos Creates

Community is birthed out of chaos. I know this well. My community came around when life dumped some haphazard days and months and years at my feet. In my breaking and sharing and even in my silence, armies of people have gathered around me and my family. Through my blog, through this community, through friends of friends and Instagram. […]