The Vegetable Women

By Jenn Landrein With still tired eyes, I make my way down the tree-lined gravel road. I drive until the road curves slightly, the surrounding woods open, and the quaint, but thriving, non-profit farm comes into view. I arrive at the Needham Community Farm every Tuesday, just as the sun breaks through sky. I step […]

The Most Radical Thing I’ve Done

“… learning to eat was about learning to live—and deciding to live; and it is one of the most radical things I’ve ever done.” – Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies Beautiful. It’s a word I’ve choked on many times in my life. You see, I’ve always equated “beautiful” with another word: thin. Looking back, it’s hard to […]

Sacred Space and a Latte

I want to be a writer when I grow up. But that would mean really taking the time to write. Novel concept, eh? *pun intended* In the meantime, I work at a little café for just a wee bit more than minimum wage. Sometimes it’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle my day job as […]

TGIF: When Romance Looks Like a Subway Sandwich

I. It had been two weeks. Two weeks of cardboard boxes, packing tape and garbage cluttering our apartment. Two weeks of crawling into bed around 2am with a sore back and throbbing feet. Two weeks of waking up disoriented, stubbing my toe on boxes and nursing an exhaustion hangover with earl grey tea. Two weeks […]

TGIF: Feels Like Home To Me

I didn’t grow up around plants. I couldn’t tell you much about mulch, rootstock or pruning. When most kids were asked to “Water the plants” the Francis kids were asked to “Dust the plants.” Growing up in the Middle East where the weather was not conducive to gardening, silk plants were all the rage. They were consistent, […]