The Sacrament of Childbirth

I was shocked by how similar childbirth was to watching my father-in-law die. There is the pacing, the patience, the impatience, the watching for signs of death—or life. The living room transforms into a tunnel where the outside world is fuzzy and out of focus and inside, all senses are heightened. As the time for […]

A Love Letter to my Sisters

On Valentine’s Day and for every day. For my sisters in Berlin and Bubanza, Taipei and Toronto. For my sisters on facebook and twitter, email and pinterest. For my sisters at Christmas and my sisters on couches. For my sisters in cars and cafes. For the sisters I have met and for those whose stories […]

Gathering Eve: Why I, too, am a Mercy Girl

A Hundred Hole Golf-a-thon, Jodi Reimer and the 20 pounds of story we carry. By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on an ultra long-haul non-stop flight from Vancouver to Sydney means you can really get to know a girl. For 15 hours, Jodi and I got to talk about everything and nothing, suspended above oceans and […]

Not-So-Manic Mondays: On Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference & the Search for Whimsy

On Painting my Shoes, losing some Heavy and living a Better Story By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette I lost about 35 pounds of Heavy last week. It happened somewhere after exit 201 to the Tulalip outlets and before exit 252 to Bellingham on the I-5. We were on our way home from Donald Miller’s […]

Gathering Eve: In the beginning I was home.

On finding myself at home and gathered in moments, places and people. By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette Today I am away from home and yet, I am home. I am curled up under a blanket on a couch in some dear friends’ living room in Edmonds, Washington. This is not home, and yet I […]