Good News for Girls: Underwater Acrobatics + Power Tools + Johnny Cash

A whole new year stretches out in front of you; how will you express yourself this year? Will you write a letter of apology to your body? Will you celebrate your shape on glossy pages? Will you take up acrobatics, even if no one thinks you can? Will you reinvent guitar? Will you reinvent business, […]

Good News For Girls: Girl Declaration + Malala + Books!

That sweet girl? That’s Dhiya. She lives in Iraq, and when Heber Vega made this photograph for The Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), she’d just had heart surgery that saved her life. PLC co-founder Jeremy Courtney recently published the book Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time about their mission to embody Love and foster peace […]

Good News for Girls: Stars + Skateboards + Peace Journalism

Living With Our Heritage: Folks in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) had largely forgotten who they were. Sudbury’s long history of mining had convinced its residents (and the rest of the country) that it was ugly.  Until some folks set out to remind their fellow citizens that they are beautiful, drawing from the past and present. You’ll […]

TGIF: The Miracle of Building a Well (And Feeling ALL THE THINGS)

There are very few things I’m proud of. 1. I can make a perfectly cooked egg sunny side up, without popping the yolk. 2. I know all the words to Shania Twain’s song, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” (Yup. I see the irony there.) 3. I use self-deprecation as a strategic tool to make strangers […]

Good News For Girls: Lemonade + Kenya + Pure Water + Inspiration

Girls Who Innovate: + Livelyhoods in Nairobi, Kenya gives girls the chance to trade selling scavenged scrap or drugs for selling eco-friendly cook stoves, solar and LED lighting, and sanitary products. + Kenyan farms are being transformed by female farmers! + While this reads as a micro-credit success story (and it is!), the more interesting […]