Christmas is an Invitation

Christmas, at its heart, is an invitation. It marks the moment when God set a plan in motion to give us a way back to him. Extending an invitation is transformative, redemptive work. It changes everything. One of the best invitations I ever received, happened on Christmas Eve in a small church in a tiny […]

A Full Heart Overflows to Fill Others

I always make way too much food and I may blame my Mennonite heritage for that. There is after all a cookbook written by Mennonites that is called Mennonite Girls Can Cook filled with familiar recipes and stories of faith. I find great joy in sourcing a recipe from there or from my Mennonite cookbook that […]

I Triple Dog Dare You

There was a dare on my heart while I paced the outskirts of the soccer field. Last night, we invited our local SheLovelys to a fundraiser and we called it, Dare to Be Dangerous. I knew we would give each woman a small felt heart, made with Love by women in Moldova. Women, who had been rescued out […]

Loaves and Fishes and Love Bombs

When I shared with a girlfriend that my family is giving love bombs on our roadtrip from Boston to LA, she chuckled into her burrito. “Your family is always doing big things. You’re such a big thinker.” I warmed to the compliment, but felt unsettled at the praise. This is just who my people are: […]

What Chaos Creates

Community is birthed out of chaos. I know this well. My community came around when life dumped some haphazard days and months and years at my feet. In my breaking and sharing and even in my silence, armies of people have gathered around me and my family. Through my blog, through this community, through friends of friends and Instagram. […]