The Tale of Two Tables

If I were to grade my hosting skills, I think a C+ is the best I could do. I love connecting with people and enjoy opening my home to friends and acquaintances. I look forward to cozy evenings filled with good conversation. I really do. It’s just all of the other stuff that goes along […]

A Spiritual Survival Guide for the Suburbs

I’ve made a life choosing to posture myself with people in the margins. I did this to model the life Jesus lived. Completely on purpose, Jesus hung out with people who were not of the “mainstream.” People who made “normal” people uncomfortable. People who don’t know their place in society—or who just don’t care. I […]


According to USAID, in 2011, Ali Addeh refugee camp in Djibouti supported approximately 17,000 refugees, most of them Somalis and most of them women and children. Traditionally, refugees born in Djibouti have not received identity cards. This means they are not Somali or Djiboutian. They are people without a nation, infants with no homeland. No […]

RISE: In the Words of the Uneducated

“It hurt, going from being a straight A student, to failing.” Growing up, I was rebellious. Granted, I had valid reasons for my rebellion. Over a period of five years, I experienced more than any one person should have to experience in a lifetime. My parents divorced and, in that time, gone on to new […]

Steph Limage: Putting Art into Action

SEEKING EVE MONDAY Sometimes seeking + finding requires stepping out of the game. By Christina Crook Once a Yaletown-dwelling sophisticate, Steph Limage was known to frequent local Vancouver hotspot, Chill Winston, to “eat appies and look pretty,” the former IT consultant confesses. It was this same public house where she felt God lead her to begin […]