A PhD Shower and a Call to Celebrate

It started as a conversation among our group of girlfriends. A comment that: we throw baby showers and wedding showers, but we don’t really take the time to celebrate the women in our lives who aren’t married, or haven’t had children. When do they get to have a (insert life event here)-shower? At the time, […]

How I Live a Partial Story

By Cindy Brandt | Twitter: @cindy_w_brandt Born of a Taiwanese family, my parents sought a better future for my siblings and I. In a politically unstable generation where Mainland China breathed down the Republic’s neck with frequent missile testings, families with the means immigrated out of the island in search of better opportunities. After spending […]

When I’ve Been Othered

Welcome to October, Lovelys! This month, we are making room for voices that need to be heard. My friend Nicole is starting us off and going in “my” slot, because I believe we all need to hear what she has to say. If you want to know more about our month ahead (we’re doing something different […]

June Zine: Summer + Honour + A New Baby

Did you know that the SheLoves community is spread across miles and kilometers and oceans and provinces and territories and states? A few of the editors have the luxury of meeting up in person every month in Surrey, B.C., but not all of us are near enough. And with summertime in full swing here in […]

That Fifth Commandment

I helped my husband teach Sunday School a few weeks ago. He teaches the kids in grades 1-4 and his usual teammate was out of town on Mother’s Day, so he asked me to step in. I did all I could to stifle a groan, forced a smile and said, “Well, I guess so.” Not […]