Refuse to Do Nothing & A Give-Away

[Scroll down to see how you can win a copy of Shayne Moore’s latest book, Refuse to Do Nothing.] “I found changing the world happens right where we are … In the midst of motherhood, I slowly opened up my world to the possibility of being a change agent from my kitchen.” By Shayne Moore […]

Our Lives to Fight For: Students Advocate for the Abolition of Prostitution

“If you stop talking and pay attention, racially and economically marginalized women are telling us very clearly that they do not want their daughters, sisters, aunts, or mothers bought and sold by men.” By Alexandra Mackenzie | Twitter: @OLTFF _________________________________________________________________________________ In my fourth year at Simon Fraser University–last year–I took class with an amazing professor […]

Getting Real with Trisha: On Sweden and Experiencing the Effects of the Nordic Model of Prostitution Law

Thoughts and observations from a society where women and girls are not for sale. By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie __________________________________________________________ “We had an art show/contest with 200 pieces of art. There was a equal amount of men and women represented and no one knew who had painted what. There were no names on the […]

My #firstworldproblems …

And What Love Can Do By Tara Teng | Twitter: @misstarateng _______________________________________________________ Twitter hashtags are funny. I recently discovered a new one that can bring hours of entertainment … #firstworldproblems. Go look it up. Seriously. Here’s some from last night: “i find a real challenge in trying to eat my blizzard while im driving #firstworldproblems“ “i […]

Chocolate, Human Trafficking and the Red Light Run

“The point isn’t chocolate. It’s human trafficking.” By Danielle Strickland | Twitter: @djstrickland My friends recently ran from the red light district in Amsterdam to the red light district in London (five marathons) in an effort to raise awareness and funds to stop human trafficking. There’s some video footage of Duncan (the runner) speaking about […]