Not-So-Manic Mondays

A Declaration of Ubuntu By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette Last Friday our family celebrated Canada Day in Victoria. Today we are in Point Roberts, WA to celebrate Fourth of July with our American friends. (The picture is from last year.) Really, it’s because there’s a parade at noon and they throw candy at the […]

A Poem about Human Trafficking

Your Life is Priceless [an excerpt] By Phumzile Zwane Your Life is Priceless Your life has no currency A single rand* is not worth your dignity Pricing your body cannot define your identity Avoid affinity and lift your own integrity.   Human figured minds, myopic about their immoral lives Why they can’t just move away […]

Trisha’s Room

“That a woman or girl will sleep in a bed in a room named after someone who 12 years ago was an absolute disaster, to me, is a great reminder of hope …” By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie There’s currently a highly concerning project being undertaken on the Downtown Eastside to house vulnerable homeless […]

Bits I DON’T like: Hype & Misinformation around Human Trafficking

Former prostitute speaks her heart out on why men shouldn’t buy women OR girls. Period. By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie I can see one of the great things about having my own little space in cyberworld is I get to talk about what I want at all times and right now what I want […]

Another letter from Bangkok: Real men don’t buy girls

Skye Walks recently journeyed with four friends from Linwood House Ministries to build relationships and share Hope with girls caught in the sex industry in Thailand. She gives us a glimpse into what they witnessed inside the bars of Bangkok. I write to you with a heavy heart as we continue to witness the ongoing exploitation of […]