A Golden Thread

Words have been slow in coming since we last exchanged love tokens That day, that goodbye keeps repeating over and over and over in my mind’s eye Perhaps it is a trick of the heart this remembering For every parting in the past Set the stage for our souls to gather, once again And hands […]

When God’s Face is a Technicolor Zinnia

In ways familiar and comforting the Earth has tilted just so these last few weeks. At times, I have stood quiet, feet planted still, eyes peering into the woods just across the way. The barren tree limbs—skeletal and brittle, worn from a winter long and brutal, bark stained ebony against the leaden skies—they began to […]

The Beautiful Ordinary

The morning sky blushes as it peeks in on us, waking in each other’s arms. But we feel no shame. He smells my skin and I savor the stubble of his cheeks. Velvet hands caress, smoothing away whatever it is that keeps us from each other or from the risk of being known. The curtains […]

TGIF: Feels Like Home To Me

I didn’t grow up around plants. I couldn’t tell you much about mulch, rootstock or pruning. When most kids were asked to “Water the plants” the Francis kids were asked to “Dust the plants.” Growing up in the Middle East where the weather was not conducive to gardening, silk plants were all the rage. They were consistent, […]

Gleaning Joy When It’s Gray

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” -Henri Nouwen I don’t know what we did to deserve this. This beautiful life. This miracle child. Sure, the backdrop of hospitals, specialists, and dire medical reports don’t look dreamy, but the characters, my family, they are […]