ShePonders: Restitution

“… I want to see this kind of salvation come to my house.” By Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha Audio: ShePonders: Restitution Click on the link above for an audio experience of Kelley’s post. My beloved South African friend, René, traveled in, bringing gifts of rooibos tea and Merlot from a local wine farm. She shared in our holiday […]

Finding My Irreplaceable Thread in the Garment of Justice

“In the garment of justice, your love is an irreplaceable thread.” By Stephanie Motz Skinner | Twitter: @stephmotz The word “justice” scares me. It’s not difficult to observe the world and recognise the countless ways in which some people suffer. Simply being offended by cruelty and exploitation actually requires very little of me. Action is […]

Seeking the Face of Justice: Lessons from Two Former Child Soldiers

By Stephanie Motz Skinner | Twitter: @stephmotz When we see how much injustice there is in the world, sometimes we forget that a simple act of reaching out and caring can make all the difference. I can’t say I fully understand justice. Living in Uganda, however, as I hear firsthand the stories of people who have experienced […]

Threads of a Sister’s Story: Building Bridges of Hope

“I am inspired by women like Nikole, who recognize they are called to walk alongside others in the mutual goal of seeking justice in the world, not as a do-gooder, or a savior, but as a sister in Christ.” By Enuma Okoro | Twitter: @TweetEnuma ________________________________ I was raised in four countries on three continents. I […]

Seeds of Dreaming and Doing

On Ugandan gardens + Honduran dreams.  By Stephanie Motz Skinner | Twitter: @stephmotz December always seems to be a month of reflection for me. It’s a time infused with a steady air of change; of new beginnings. It’s always a time I appreciate the family I am surrounded with, and pine for the others who […]