On Anne Shirley and Writing My Way into Healing

“Well, if you want my opinion, Miss Shirley, I’d write about places I knew something of and people that spoke everyday English. Instead of these silly schoolgirl romances.” –Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables. Ever since I first saw Anne of Green Gables when I was eight years old, I have wanted two things: to […]

Talking To My Inner Toddler

The day started off well enough. I woke before my 19-month-old son did, the one sleeping in the crook of my arm, and that miracle afforded me a minute to adjust my eyes to the morning light seeping through the curtains and for my groggy brain to conjure up one complete thought. I sighed, audibly. […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

A new year can feel like a fresh start, a clean slate. We dust off those dreams that fell by the wayside and away we go! But maybe once we’ve named and claimed our sparkling visions for our future, we start to backpedal. Our fears and self-doubt pierce through like a pin to a balloon […]

A Mixed-Culture Girl Goes “Home” This Christmas

“Seeing our families this Christmas involves crossing one ocean and two borders. It involves exchanging currency, bottling toiletries in travel-size vials, applying for a visa and buying gifts from Duty Free.” A meal with noodles, meat, veggies and a drink costs less than CDN$3. Fresh fish costs about the same price, and you can choose […]

Slow Eating and Savoring New Words for a Full Experience

Limin’ + gemütlich + ichigo ichie = serving up good food, great company and words to describe those moments. By Michelle Hamman | Twitter: @MotherTongues What memories do you have of spending time around an abundant table? The table in our Michigan home comes from the Knysna forest of South Africa’s south coast. It is a handmade table […]