Becoming the Woman in the Mirror

Every time I look in the mirror I receive a jolt. Who is this woman staring at me through eyes marked by a spray of smile lines, with hair the colour of antiqued pewter? It’s not the signs of age that shock me—it’s the overall effect. The woman in the mirror looks mature in all senses […]

Put Your Shoes On, We’re Going Out

Growing up, I was the kid who hated group projects. I wasn’t a fan of team sports. I had no interest in running for student government. I was sure that conferences were the eighth circle of Hell. I really liked reading. I studied hard to get good grades, practiced the flute religiously and was a […]

Learning to Ripstik

By Leah Kostamo | Twitter: @LeahKostamo It looks like a cross between a skateboard and a medieval instrument of torture. As a child I never went for skateboarding (nor medieval forms of torture, for that matter), so why at the ripe middle-age of 46 did I decide that Ripstiking would be my sport du jour? The simple answer: […]

When My Art Isn’t Deep, But I Am

“I still don’t understand proper techniques like underpainting, layering or glazing. But I understand the way white oil paint always smells a little like buttered popcorn and red is slippery and thin and brand new brushes get messy faster than I’d like to admit.” I’ve always been a creative sort of person. But I joke […]

Holding My Ground

I look like the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. I guess I am the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. But, more often than I’d like to admit, I cave instead of stand. I bend like a blade of grass on a windy day. Unless you’re related to […]