Lessons From My Yoga Mat

When creating or doing something new, we open ourselves up. We open ourselves up for comment, accolades, good strokes and well wishes. We open ourselves up to new connections and a richer community. Earlier this year I challenged  myself to complete 28 yoga classes in 28 days  …  all types of yoga, including Bikram, the 90-minute […]

Wellness Wednesday: Discovering Joy in Every Season

“I had to let go of the expectations I had put on myself before the pressure could drop off my shoulders.” By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark I saw a picture in the clouds. The image stood out from the darkness behind it—the slug with a cartoon bubble in front of its mouth was definitely […]

Wellness Wednesday: Sharing Our Unique Voices with the World

By Vera Raposo | Twitter: @veraraposo “Let’s write what we truly think … Our voices and vision will be much stronger without that fear filter.” For many years I’ve been sharing my voice with the world via blogging and various entrepreneurial ventures. It hasn’t always been easy—fear and limiting beliefs have sometimes held me back—but […]

Wellness Wednesday: Making Big Things Happen

By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark “In the blink of an eye, my day, week or month is over and I’m sometimes left wondering, What was I working towards? Did I make any progress?” Before I had kids, I was more spontaneous and spent much less time planning out what would happen in my future. I […]

I Need You Alive

“I feel somewhat crazy in saying this, but I believe I was given even more tenacity than a salmon …” By Amelia Englemark ____________________________________________________________ I almost hit a woman today.  She ended up hitting me.  I was driving home from town, when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone in the middle […]