Come to the Margins

Come to the margins, to the railroad track where houses were burned down and women are rebuilding with planks of wood, flattened powdered milk cans, and used clothing. Come to the clinic and listen to the stories of grandmothers, of when they were nomads, of before the city was a city. Hear the heritage of […]

The Bakery Has Always Been a Bakery

“The bakery has always been a bakery, and the movie theater has always been a movie theater,” the man says to his son as they walk past my table. Uncanny, the way thoughts swirl in the atmosphere among us. I was just thinking that! Today, I’m walking grateful. We seem to have emerged from almost […]

Megan White on serving the Homeless: “It just takes the right person with enough Love”

Sunday kicked off Homelessness Action Week in British Columbia. Megan White, Bread4Life Coordinator at South Fraser Community Services which runs the only homeless shelter in Surrey, BC, spoke to SheLoves magazine on how to serve the homeless, destitute and poor with resources, dignity and Love. “It just takes the right person at the right time with […]

Linwood House Art Experience: How Marcy Became an Artist

By Idelette McVicker The beauty of this art show isn’t necessarily in the mastery and creativity of some of the Sunshine Coast’s best artists. What makes the Linwood House Art Experience profound, is the exhibition of professional artists right alongside art by women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada. The […]

New Clothes Drive for Surrey Schools

It’s impossible for them to get a new pair of runners; It’s not impossible for us to give it. For over five years, Kelly Voros was a single mom, raising two daughters. “I struggled to give my kids what they deserved,” she says. She had great family support and her children never really did without. […]