Bone and Skin and Revelation

It is a strange thing to live in a body To be a person cloaked in skin that curves and bends in particular places For a time, my person, that luminous, humming being embedded in among bone and sinew was more witness. For a time it seemed my body was me. When my body first […]

My Thighs: A History

I remember the first time I became aware of my thighs. I was fourteen. It was summer and my legs were bare, baked dark brown from the Okanagan sun. I was wearing a bathing suit in brilliant shades of turquoise and emerald. I had spent the day on the water, slaloming behind a speedboat. When […]

Breasts, Backsides and the Table of Equality

by Tina Osterhouse | @TinaOsterhouse The first time I was called into the pastor’s office for wearing something inappropriate, I was 17. I started going to a large community church right after my parents’ divorce. I had recently unashamedly given my entire life over to God and was radically committed to finding Jesus everywhere I went. I […]

A Love Letter to My Body, Part Two: A Holy Breath

“I am endlessly stumbling into the pit of false perfectionism and self-defeat, but it no longer tarnishes the heart of my tale like it used to.” By Megan Gahan | Twitter: @MeganAGahan Do you remember the movie Up? There’s a memorable scene where the old man’s house floats away, suspended by a colorful myriad of balloons. That moment […]

These Are Our Bodies Broken For You

“… the places in our lives where we are fragmented are essentially growing edges, places where our lack allows Christ to be present. ” By Enuma Okoro | Twitter: @TweetEnuma On my left arm, three inches below my wrist is a scar whose faint discoloring whispers of a magical afternoon spent walking wide-eyed amongst the Mayan […]