A Love Letter to My Body, Part Two: A Holy Breath

“I am endlessly stumbling into the pit of false perfectionism and self-defeat, but it no longer tarnishes the heart of my tale like it used to.” By Megan Gahan | Twitter: @MeganAGahan Do you remember the movie Up? There’s a memorable scene where the old man’s house floats away, suspended by a colorful myriad of balloons. That moment […]

These Are Our Bodies Broken For You

“… the places in our lives where we are fragmented are essentially growing edges, places where our lack allows Christ to be present. ” By Enuma Okoro | Twitter: @TweetEnuma On my left arm, three inches below my wrist is a scar whose faint discoloring whispers of a magical afternoon spent walking wide-eyed amongst the Mayan […]

Our First Twitter Party: Snapshots from a Conversation and Prize Winners

Yesterday we hosted our first ever SheLoves Twitter party.  My head is still spinning a bit and my heart has grown all the way to Copenhagen, thanks to Fiona Lynne who checked in from there. And like that feeling right after you get of the rollercoaster, now I want to do it again! [Again! Again!] […]

Love Letter to My Body: I’m Sorry

“I will live within your limits as the very wisdom of God.” By Janet Davis | Twitter: @janetdavisTX Clearly, I need to begin with an apology. I have not loved you well. I have treated you like a machine Rather than honored you As the sacred space that you are. I apologize. Please, forgive me. I have abandoned […]

Love Letter to my Body: It is Good

“This mulatto, wild-haired, freckled, curvy thing drowning in a sea of white, blonde, skinny and perfect. You never stood a chance.” By Alyssa Bacon-Liu | Twitter: @alyssabaconliu Dear Body,  It’s so easy for me to talk about all the things I don’t like about you. I could do that without even thinking. Thighs. Stomach. Skin. Hair. Teeth. […]