It's Mentoring Week! We have two posts a day for the week of August 18-23. Join the conversation and link-up your own mentoring story here.

The Most Important Moment is Now

In recent weeks we said goodbye to my beloved father-in-law, Jack Burns. He lived for 85 years, was married to the same woman for 57 years and raised 11 children and has more grandchildren and great-grandchildren than most could ever imagine. He has left a lasting legacy and I am blessed to be a part […]

The Ministry of Flag Raising

I’ve begun to think of close friends and trusted mentors as ones who have the Ministry of Flag Raising. As we tell our stories and process our journeys, trusted sisters (and brothers) in Christ have an integral role: they are witnesses, they help us discern where God is redemptively at work in places we might […]

Sisterhood is Eternal

Unbelieving, I held the phone to my ear. Joanne? Sick? We always talked by phone every few weeks, but wait … how long had it been this time? And now a call from her husband with tears in his voice. I could feel the conversation moving in a direction that I could not absorb. Hospital. Organ failure. Death. The […]

The Ordinary Stories I Tell

“Tell me a love story,” they say. My two little girls are obsessed with princes and princesses and stories ending in marriage and a kiss. They want to hear about a man and a woman and a beautiful, fluffy white dress. They want there to be a dangerous and evil villian and a daring rescue […]

 Four Words Might Just Change Everything

Okay, we made it to the end. And I have something super simple to ask of you. Write down four words. Look, I get it. A whole week on mentoring is a lot to take in, isn’t it? A whole week—amazing stories about mutual support, power being shepherded to build up women around us, expertise […]