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Together We Will Do the Work

They sit in the red leather chair or across the country, connecting with me through Skype. Either way, I settle deep into my hand-made, craftsman-style armchair in my small study, a lit candle by my side, my spirit ready and waiting. They come to be heard, to be seen in ways that are welcoming and formational. […]

Validating Each Other’s Stories

As a child I struggled with my voice. I suffered from tonsillitis numerous times and when my heart ached I felt it in my throat—a tightness that made it challenging to breathe. But it was more than the physical; I struggled to speak my truth. Even to speak at all. I felt as invisible as […]

A New Heart, Beyond Stereotypical Womanhood

We first met, one January morning, during her office hours. Dr. Catherine Kroeger’s eyes sparkled when our discussion turned to women in the Bible. She spoke of them fondly as if they were close friends—Miriam, Deborah, Abigail and a host of others from the Old and New Testaments. She spoke warmly to me although she […]

The Art in Me: A Celebration of Mentoring

By Ruthie Johnson | Twitter: @aquietstrength Do you remember when you were little and you made a painting for someone you loved? No one could tell what it was. Really, it was just a big blob of brownish-black something because you had mixed all the colors together in the middle. Nonetheless, your loved one took […]

Make Mentoring Moments Out of Time You Already Spend

By Nikki Toyama-Szeto I accidentally stumbled into it. It started as a plan to create a women’s conference that was desperately needed, and would meet the needs of the people we knew. I think I was the latecomer to the conversation. Invited in by two seasoned women leaders, I might have even been the second- or […]