She Looked Like Me

I was terrified the day we opened Mercy Canada. Years of sweat and a very healthy dose of tears had led up to this moment. I had planned events, managed finances, and organized teams of volunteers from a teensy, frigid portable while this home—this perfect home—was renovated from the studs up. I wrote Scripture on […]

Sit With One Woman

Sit with one woman. Take the time and drive to the event, because on Monday she called and invited you to come. So, of course you go. Two kids have soccer and your international student arrives that day, but this is important. She’s been in her residential treatment program for three months and this is […]

Say Yes: The Birth of Mercy Ministries Canada

I am convinced the essence of all leadership is the ability to influence others to rise and do what they could never imagine doing on their own. The magnificent Nancy Alcorn, founder and director of Mercy Ministries, is a leader like that. My life was forever changed the day our paths crossed. I remember the […]

A Woman Who Loves: Nicola Bartel

“Offer the gift of who you are and see what God does with it.”                    At SheLoves Magazine, we LOVE introducing you to “SheLovelys” all over the world. This month I am thrilled to feature Nicola Bartel, the Executive Director for Mercy Ministries of Canada. Nicola and I shared […]

Thank You for a Very Mercy Christmas

“I wished we could can the squeals of delight, tears of joy and the looks of disbelief as the women unwrapped their gifts.” By Rebecca Graham | Twitter: @RebeccaGraham30 and  Musu Taylor-Lewis | Twitter: @mercycanada Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This year I had a dream: I dreamed of a Mercy Christmas. It was […]