Note To Self: Always Flirt With Chinese Grandma At Bus Stop

There’s a small chip on my front tooth. I’ve had it fixed, but it’s so tiny, the repair doesn’t last. So, I smile with my chipped tooth and my eyes scrunched up and I see laugh lines with this haircut that showcases my whole wrinkly forehead. And I don’t care. I like that my face […]

Mirror Stories: I Saw Redemption

I slip through the back door, tinkling the silver bell. Random heads turn. I meet eyes–here, there, over yonder. And then they drop. Back into their warm bowls of soup. Back to their sandwiches and their crisp lettuce with house vinaigrette. These are not the eyes I am looking for. Not the ones I am […]

The Place that Shapes Me

“It’s not always sexy to stay put, is it? In most of my church tradition, no one ever mentioned the holy work of staying.” We made several significant moves when I was a kid, back in the days before Facebook, before email, and long before kids were allowed to use the phone for long-distance phone calls. In […]

To Come With Hands Free

“For clenched fists can’t gather treasure and hearts that harbor greed leave no room for grace.” It is early morning and the pale winter sun is trying to press through the clouds. We are all caught between the darkness of sleep and the glimmering of morning and so we yawn long and wide. I sit […]

Removing the Mask

“The mask I believed was my salvation was actually a prison of my own making.” By Desiree Adaway | Twitter: @desireeadaway When I was young, I had a horrible time sharing myself with the world.  I was awkward, nervous, hormonal, uncertain. I felt different and I had no idea how to articulate my quirkiness, nor […]