The Women We Are

“We must let our light shine through the cracks. Step into the light and let people see what a real God woman looks like.” By Christina Crook When I asked to tell her story, she said there’s not much there. She said the same. And so did she. And she. But I said, “You’re wrong. […]

Seeking Eve Monday: On gender roles, quiet times and making art, not war

Welcome to the first Seeking Eve Monday.

Not-So-Manic Mondays

A Declaration of Ubuntu By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette Last Friday our family celebrated Canada Day in Victoria. Today we are in Point Roberts, WA to celebrate Fourth of July with our American friends. (The picture is from last year.) Really, it’s because there’s a parade at noon and they throw candy at the […]

GATHERING EVE: In the Beginning, I had a Voice

On Not-So-Manic Mondays, pitching a book and becoming vanilla rooibos tea By Idelette McVicker | Twitter: @idelette I have unfinished business. Two years ago I started intentionally writing on a work that became a piece-in-progress entitled Gathering Eve. I sat in Starbucks, Wired Monk and in my green chair at home and kept stacking words onto the mirage […]