The Secret of Unfurling

Can I tell you something? For too long I heard wrong. And misunderstood the language of the years. This mistake shaped me for a time. Calendars flipped and my body curved and still I was quiet. Each year sifted down upon my head and slowly I became hidden. But see this– Look with me at […]

Making Space for the Need

By: Tammy Perlmutter | Twitter: @Tammygrrl I came across a sentence that made me cringe. I was reading a book called Preferring Christ: A Devotional Workbook on the Rule of St. Benedict by Norvene Vest. The structure is simple. She takes a small portion of the Rule and writes a commentary about it. Then she has […]

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout

I cozied up on the rocking chair in my spiritual director’s office. Sunlight sprang through the window and silence filled the room. Liz was never quick to speak, but let me say what I needed to say, whatever happened to be on my mind between God and me. I was considered a “seasoned veteran” when […]

Which Books Have Wrecked You?

I wake up slowly. I set three alarms each morning. The first one makes me open my eyes. The second one gets me sitting up, and the third compels me to leave the safety of my warm bed. I usually begin to really wake up halfway through my shower when I question whether I’ve actually […]

Speak Up, Daughters of Heaven

By Taylor Madge | Instagram: @shespeaksunited | Facebook: @SheSpeaksUnited I am not a professional public speaker. I just want to put that out there so you know this isn’t coming from an expert in the field. I am a woman who works full time outside of the home, is married, is raising two teen daughters and […]